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Wil Wheaton's Radio Free Burrito Episode 1. Dr. Laura De Giorgio - Grow Taller Program. Duelo - En el area de los sueños. As Nexus owners, we love our device's operating system, and it's probably the reason we went for a pure Google experience in the first place. But that doesn't mean there's not room for improvement in Android, especially when the OS has so many freely available softMods to tinker with. So, if you've ever had the hankering to add a little iOS flair to your Nexus 5, you should expect a plethora of options. In today's tutorial, I'll be showing you one of the more popular ones—how to get basically every sound from the iPhone 5 S on your Nexus 5—ranging from ringtones to camera shutter and lock/unlock sounds. Prerequisites Rooted Nexus 5 Custom recovery Step 1: Download the Flashable ZIP File Thanks to some work from dev Floris, you can easily grab sounds from our iOS device counterpart. From your Nexus 5, hit this link to download the file that contains all of the iPhone 5 S sounds. Step 2: Boot into Recovery When the download has completed, power your Nexus 5 completely off. Then hold the Volume Down button with one finger, and press the Power button with another finger. On the ensuing screen, tap the Volume Down button twice to highlight Recovery Mode, then press the Power button to confirm your selection. Step 3: Install the ZIP in Recovery From TWRP recovery, hit the Install button at the top-left. Navigate to your Download folder and tap iOS 7 sounds for Nexus. On the next screen, swipe the slider across the bottom to install the files. When the process is finished, tap Reboot System. Step 4: Select a Ringtone & Notification Sound Once you've booted back up, head into Settings and tap Sound. Under Phone Ringtone, choose one of your newly-installed iOS 7 sounds and tap OK. The default iPhone 5 S ringtone is named Marimba, for instance. Repeat this process for Default notification sound, with the normal iPhone 5 S sound being sms-received1 in this case. Now your Nexus 5 should sound just like an iPhone 5 S. The lock and unlock sounds will have automatically changed, as have the camera shutter sound, the video record sound, and the screenshot sound. To get a little more iOS look and feel to go along with your new sounds, check out this status bar softMod by Jesse. If you want to revert to the stock sounds of your Nexus 5, you can simply flash this ZIP using the same process outlined in Step 3. Get Gadget Hacks on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Flipboard Sign up for Gadget Hacks' daily newsletter Subscribe to Gadget Hacks on YouTube.

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NEW VFX vol.3 + VRG vol.1 + EXS24 Presets. YouTube. Ringtones / Notifications / Alarms folders - HTC EVO 3D, Android Forums Thread Starter I came from the CDMA HTC Hero which was a fairly old version of sense; but my most annoying gripe so far is a difference between this sense and that one: I can't change my notification/e-mail/messaging sounds to customized ones. I have a Portal 2 sounds pack and was changing all of my phone noises and for the life of me can't figure out how to get my e-mail sound to go to a custom downloaded/created sounds folder or something. Create these two folders on your SD card and copy the files you want in them: Ringtones" and "Notifications" without quotations. You'll be able to customize the sounds/rings to your liking. You make those under /sdcard/media correct? I just have them in the main root folder ( sdcard. Ringtones" was actually created by itself when I trimmed some MP3's to use. I couldn't figure out how to customize notifications either until I asked in the EVO forum and they said to just create another one called "Notifications. " Thanks, that worked beautifully! Greetings EVO 3D members - I just got my 3V0 yesterday (came from a Sprint Hero rooted with Gingerbread 2. 3. 4) and I am having a similiar problem to the one mentioned above. I have always used one of the stock sounds for email notification (so like Pavlov's dog I am trained to respond to that sound. and I have made that the default "notification sound" in settings under Sound. Problem is it works fine for Gmail, but for the other 3 popmail accounts I have added, it uses some other sound that I don't seem to be able to change. I have looked under settings in each separate account, but that only gives the choice of turning the sound on or off - no choices as to the sound itself. I'm guessing it's an easy fix, but I'm just not seeing it. Any ideas out there? Click personalize on three options on the phone. Then you should see the personalize screen of scenes, wallpaper, and sounds. Under personalize sounds click notification sounds then click email to change the ringtone there. I hope this help. I was having the same issue til I found this on my own. FYI: There's also another folder you can make for "Alarms. To discover this, I went to the "HTC Hub" app and downloaded one from each type of sounds, causing it to create all of the folders automatically. Does anyone know if its possible on a non-rooted phone to set a custom sound to either the power button or the lock screen when pulled down? For example create a lockscreen folder and assign a sound file? I'm trying to change my text notifaction to a particular song I downloaded, but the song only shows up in my "personal ringtone" selection, The song does not show up in my "notifications" settings, when I tap get new ringtone, it takes me to HTC do I use this song as my text notification See notes in this thread about creating a notifications folder, or try Rings Extended, free in the Market, for an alternative way to choose sound files regardless of where they are on the sd card. The Rings Extended app didn't work, and I am slow on how & where to create the folder, and how to transfer the music to. Use Astro File Manager to create the folder /sdcard/Notifications and copy or move your intended mp3 file there. If you long-press a file in Astro, you can get a tool for copy and paste. Sorry about the bad advice on Rings Extended. Noooo its not your helping me. I take all advise & try it out Good advice here! Thanks everyone! Update: I ended up doing a google search & came up with a program on the market called Handcent, and it worked out just fine, I just now get 2 notifications for my text message, the new screen & the original You can go into the original messaging app and turn off its notification altogether. Also - go through ALL of your Handcent settings and be careful to not let it notify you every agressive way that it can and wants to - turn a few off or down in frequency. Otherwise, I found it was eating my 3vo battery. Restart your phone (long power button press) after you've made the changes - a new idiosyncrasy of Handcent. And do NOT set it to intercept all SMS/MMS - just leave that on default - otherwise, you'll lose your Visual Voicemail from Sprint. That all said, I use Handcent and REALLY like it. Hope that helps! As hard as I've tried I can't get an MP3 to set as my notification sound. Am I doing anything wrong or isn't it possible on the EVO 3D? Setting it as a ringtone is easy, but how on earth do you set it as a notification? Many thanks! Make a folder in the root of your sdcard named media In that folder a folder named audio In that folder a folder named notifications Put mp3 there reboot and see if that works and please, how would you go about making a folder in the root of your sdcard? For starters Hi, I've been having a terrible time trying to add my own ringtones for notifications (Gmail, or Texts) I've went to Media>audio>notification> and added my. mp3's to here, but if I go to any app and try and select them. The only options I have are the default sounds that came with the EVO3D. I've also tried creating a 'Ringtones' folder in the root of the card, still no option. Is there no way to browse to a file and select it? Or a way to make the custom ones appear in the list with the HTC Hub files? DonB ♡ Truth, Justice and the American Way! ♡ Moderator If they are MP3, then I am not sure why they are not showing up, I have my custom ones all in the same directory and they work fine, the only other thing I could think of is play them and hit menu and create a ringtone, and and save, and see if that works, just a suggestion. wondering if the directory name needs to be 'notifications' instead of notification.

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The last time Google made new alarm, notification, and ringtone sounds for Android was for the original Pixel and Pixel XL. Maybe this will become a yearly tradition, because Google has done the same thing for this year's Pixels. We've also extracted them from a Pixel 2 XL, so you can use them on your own device. All of the previous sounds have been replaced, so if you still want the old ones, you'll have to download them from the above link. I think 'Icicles' is my favorite alarm out of the bunch: My favorite notification sound is probably 'Duet': And finally, I think the best ringtone by far is 'The Big Adventure. ' It sounds like the opening theme to a animated show: On a similar note, the menu for selecting sounds has been revamped on the Pixel 2. It's not a pop-up anymore, instead filling the entire screen. Here's what the same menus look like on the original Pixel with Android 8. 0 Oreo: If you want to try these out, we've done the hard work for you and extracted them from a Pixel 2 XL. You can download them below. Just place the files in the Alarms, Notifications, and/or Ringtones folders in your phone's storage (/sdcard/) to see them in the sound picker.


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The Sounds application, which comes pre-installed on its Pixel devices, is stock-full of ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds for you to choose from. The app works on non-Pixel phones too, like the Galaxy S10, but not all. That's why we've decided to share with you all the sound files included in it, so you can use them on any device (including your desktops if you like that). Without further ado, here are the zipped files you need, with the sounds divided by type and organized by collection. We're only missing some alarms and ringtones from the Pixel Sounds collection, but those appear to be saved somewhere cryptic I couldn't get to. Google Sounds - Notifications Google Sounds - Alarms Google Sounds - Ringtones (part 1) Google Sounds - Ringtones (part 2) Download these zip files on your phone, extract them, and head into Settings -> Sounds to choose the ones you want. If your OEM software skin doesn't allow you to pick locally stored sounds, you may need to move the files to the Notifications folder on your phone's storage. And if you'd like to save some time and check whether the Sounds app works on your non-Pixel, you can grab the latest version 2. 2 from APK Mirror. Thanks: Nick Cipriani - the MVP who renamed and organized all these files for you.