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Vengeance Vocal Essentials Vol. 2 WAV VVE, VVE Vol 2 » Read more Vengeance Electroshock Vol. 2 WAV VES2, VES Vol 2 » Read more Vengeance EDM Essentials Vol. 2 WAV VEDM, VEDM2 Download    » Read more Vengeance Analog Drums Vol. 1 WAV VAD, VAD1, VAD Vol 1 » Read more Vengeance Effects Vol. 2 WAV-MAGNETRiXX VFX, VFX Vol 2 » Read more Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol. 1 WAV VEC, VEC1, VEC Vol 1 » Read more Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol. 2 WAV VEC, VEC2, VEC Vol 2 » Read more Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol. 3 WAV VEC, VEC3, VEC Vol 3 Vengeance is back with a Vengeance! The long awaited sample pack has arrived at last: ‘Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol. 3’! With an intensive development time of almost 3 years and over 3100 wav files, VEC3 is our biggest and best sample pack of all time! Go get it now before the others do. Vengeance is […] » Read more.

Wow_settings VPS Avenger Acid Breaks Time for Acid! Enjoy this classic masterpiece of 03 basslines, jungle and big beat breaks, screaming loops and synths! In the best tradition of acts like Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and the whole "Acid House" scene of the 90s until today, Stefan Endemann created a really unique and timeless expansion. But now: lets bring a bit of ACID into the modern world! Happy Hardcore Happy Hardcore is here! Evolved from HandsUp and Hardcore, this genre is just fun, high BPM and even more fun! Sound designer Stefan Endemann nailed it with wonderful bells, arps, fat leads, pumping reverse basslines, fast beats and breaks and complete vocal hooks (even Asian) using the new Multiloop function of Avenger 1. 5. All Trance, HandsUp, EDM and Hardcore producers will just love this new expansion pack! Cinematic 3 The circle ends: Manuel Schleis and Kevin Schröder both teamed up now for Cinematic 3 to bring you the best of both worlds: 135 true masterpieces of cinematic sound design! Beside that you get 20 new cinematic drumkits, 51 fantastic granular samples, new OSC shapes, Wavetables and multisamples - also including many real recorded instruments. By exploring this expansion you will have no doubt, that Avenger is the king of modulations. Any Cinematic, Trance, Chillout or Trailer/Media producer will love this one! Hip Hop 2 Back in the hood: Hip Hop 2 is here! And man, this is a huge pack: explore 143 new presets with the lowest basslines, deep 808 booms, melancholic arps, pianos, flutes, bells and wonderful pads and synthlines. Besides the many new presets you get 30 outstanding new drumkits, 3 new saxophone multiloops, cool granular stuff and tons of new multisamples. Dont miss this incredible beat building machine! Guitars XP1 (Distorted & Electric) Here we go: the first volume of the new guitar expansion packs will supply you with 50 different  distortion & electric   guitar kits. Use them in Avengers new "Multiloop" module and play  any key, any bpm and any chord  you like (minor, major or 5ths) the guitar will follow your input seamlessy. All guitar loop kits have been recorded live by a professional guitarist and by using the best guitars, effects and recording equipment you can get. They are perfect for being used as rhythmic background or lead elements in your track for nearly any genre you can imagine. This adds so much new possibilities and value to your VPS Avenger - you will love this! Guitars XP2 (Nylon, Muted & Steel) Expand your new universe of guitars with another 50 new kits: volume 2 is dedicated to muted, nylon & steel guitars! Use them in Avengers new "Multiloop" module and play  any key, any bpm and any chord  you like (minor, major or 5ths) the guitar will follow your input seamlessy. This adds so much new possibilities and value to your VPS Avenger - you will love this! Guitars XP3 (Acoustic & Electric Bass) The guitars keep coming: its time for BASS! Volume 3 will add the fattest acoustic & electric bass guitar kits! Use them in Avengers new "Multiloop" module and play  any key, any bpm and any chord  you like (minor, major or 5ths) the bass guitar will follow your input seamlessy. All bass guitar loop kits have been recorded live by a professional guitarist and by using the best instruments, effects and recording equipment you can get. They are perfect for being used as main basslines or background elements in your track for nearly any genre you can imagine. This adds so much new possibilities and value to your VPS Avenger - you will love this! Techno 1 Lets get serious: Techno 1 is here and its particularly one thing: Dark. So many Techno, Tech House, Minimal producers waited for this and now its here. Manuel Schleis and Andy Hinz teamed up for this big one, offering as much variety as possible. The 40 (! ) new drumkits alone would justify this XP, they are so well laid out, complex and perfectly mixed, that they will form the backbone of all your productions. But of course you will love the 128 Avenger presets, too - offering so much inspiring basslines, f#*ked up sequences, pads, plucks, leads and FX for the years to come! EDM III It's Coming!!!  EDMIII is here and it's ready to destroy: Andy Hinz pulls out all the stops and created the real banger! Get ready for dance floor destroying basses, wonderful plucky arps, ultra-wide leads, insanely deep kicks, fills and risers, pads, and sequences. This XP offers 132 presets and so much additional material, like 34 perfect EDM crafted drumkits, 160 multisamples (! ), wavetables and OSC shapes - this pack is gigantic is size and sound. If you are into  anything  electronic and commercial this is a must buy! explore the next level of synthesis FINALLY! "Vengeance Producer Suite - Avenger" has been released. VPS is your new workhorse in the studio. It can do anything, sound like everything, and the best thing is: its easy understandable and comfortable to use. Together with its huge library and tons of unique and outstanding new features, Avenger is a true game changer. Not convinced yet? Please watch our product video or check out our demoversion! Vengeance EDM Essentials Volume 2 Get ready to shred the charts with this new samplepack. The Vengeance EDM Essential series offers 2, 800 totally new, high-quality files to give your next track some serious testosterone. With a huge collection of snares and tons of booming kicks - including 30 new tonal multi-sampled kits - as well as cool claps that range from hand snaps to giant 4x4 claps, you will be strapped for musical combat. This series also offers complex loops ranging from big percussive loops, melodic loops, chords, basses and dramatic drops to fills and even complete, 16-bar breaks. But there's more! A huge variety of effects such as risers, impacts, percussive one-shots, high-resolution cymbal hits, shouts, and ad libs will ensure you always find the perfect sound to mix seamlessly into your next masterpiece. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this one today and get some EDM teeth that will devour dance floors worldwide! Vengeance World Beats Vol. 1 Make 'em shake it like it's hot with this new samplepack! Vengeance World Beats offers an enormous library of more than 2, 400 bangin' World EDM samples that are perfect for spicing up any Trap, Moombahton, HipHop, Oriental Dance, or Latin House track. The loops are all available in 95, 110 and 125 bpm versions, so they will fit into any sub genre. A huge selection of one-shots will help you punch up any track. In addition to ultra low kicks, snaps, claps, strong snares, FX, risers and fine cymbals, there are several live-recorded instruments including acoustic percussion, saxophones and guitars. With this collection of dance sounds from around the world, you'll be all set to make the next chart topper that will dominate dancefloors! VPS Phalanx meet our flagship drum & synth sampler Your search for a powerful sampler tool just ended here: Phalanx is the new sampler which will be the heart and center of your music production. Phalanx has mind blowing new features on board and main focus on a quick, comfortable and easy workflow, which will invite you to try out new ways and crazy things. Better watch our detailed product videos now, there are just too many features inside this monster to fit in this text! VPS EFX Bundle 2 you wanted it, you get it: 15 unique effects! The EFX Bundle is back with volume 2! 15 brand new specialists for every effect task you can imagine. These powerful effect processors will become indispensable in your daily production situations. The unbeatable price makes this deal a no brainer (6. 60€/plugin) For owners of vol. EFX Bundle 1&2, there are 2 bonus plugins, making a total of 17 plugins in this incredible effect bundle! random testimonial: Nick Rotteveel Nicky Romero About Vengeance and refx Products "I'm a big fan of ReFX products, using the Nexus 2 since the beginning of my career, great to use as single synth, and to stack it up for layers. I've been missing a plugin in Logic Pro for exact sidechain timing for a while, the Vengeance Producer Suite - Multiband Sidechain was the perfect solution! " featured video:.

Ringtones & Notification Sounds Pack 23 - JAMAS.

Countach – Grand Prix (Loop Kit

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На этой странице я собрал для вас самые большие сборники сэмплов. Скачайте торрент сэмплы, лупы, пресеты, MIDI файлы & DAW шаблоны для Hip Hop, House, Trap, EDM, Future Bass, Techno, R & B, D & B, Rap. Большой сэмпл пак #1 [65Gb] Audio Magic TrapZ Angels audiofabrik Futuristic Techno Soundscapes Beat Butcha Pure Protein Drum Kit. 6 Big EDM Marshmallow Future Bass Sylenth1andPresets Big Fish Audio Android NightmaresAbleton Big Sounds Future Bass Chill Out Bigwhite Beatz FOCUSand LOOP SAMPLE PACK 1 Bigwhite Beatz THE VAULT Bigwhite Beatz THE E 3 CAPSUN ProAudio Zilla – Pure Bass Shots. 1 Cr2 Records This Is Tech House Cycles and Spots Deep Drive D-Fused Sounds Techno 4 Christmas Bundle Drumselect Trell vs Rell Brickmas Engineering Dub Techno Essentials. 3 Future CRITICAL BREAKS Global Audio Tools Life Like Drum Bank Gold Class Audio – Top Mainstream Incognet Groove Tools. 3 Presets Bonus Insert Coin Tech Tools and Groove – GrooveBox Insert Coin Unlimited Funk Tech House – Stefano Kosa IQ IQ Bass House. 1Ableton and Zebra Presets LBandy Music Productions Epicamine Orchestral and Cinematic AiFF LOOPGOONZ Oh GAWD Drumkit Mainroom Warehouse Poolside Tropical Club House Marco Polo – Pad Thai. 4 Drum Kit for Producers and Beatmakers Myloops Airsoul Progressive Construction Kits. 3 Myloops Alexandre Bergheau Trance Kicks NOPRESET Records Sounds Dub Pack 5 Peace Love Production Record Turntable Scratches Proper Musique Proper Grooves. 2 Raw Classic Hooks Raw Tech Vocals 2 Roundel Sounds – Top Lines 2 Roundel Sounds Top Lines 4 Sample Magic Retroe Drum Hits Samplephonics – Cinematic Ambience Samplephonics – Cinematic Electronica Samplephonics – Cloud Machines Samplephonics Wonky Dream Pop SampleScience Dusty Eclectic Goldmine. 1 REX2 SampleScience Retro Highway Bundle Samplesound Tech-House ume 2 Samplesound Tech-House ume 3 Sunderland Audio Genesis Systematic Sounds 101 Signature Arpeggios Talk Of The Town Talk Of The Beats. 1 The Drum Sample Broker Frankie P – Feels. 1 The Drum Sample Broker International Breaks 10 Tief Background in Underground Dark Triad Sounds Melodic Future House By Ellis True Tech House to Techno SYLENTH1 Niand SPiRE Presets Two es TECH CODE Undisputed Music I Am Hip HopREX e Alchemy Digital Reution Whitenoise Records Poolside Tech House ZTEKNO TECHNO Code NISylenth1 Synthmaster Presets Big White Beatz Pro Mixed Kit. 1 Cymatics etable Collection. 3 Dinma – Natural Sound Collection Dinma Beats $upreme $oundsAiFF Dinma Beats Catharsis Drum KitAiFF Dinma Beats inspirED [Drums] AiFF Dirty Production Dirty Bass Trap Famous Audio Big Bad Kicks. 2 Famous Audio Big Bad Kicks. 3 Function Key Labelled SFX Function Lazer Sounds 2 SYLENTH1 PRESETS Function Ultra Female Vocal Cuts IQ 813 IQ Hypercolor Bass King LAWD 1 King LAWD 2 King LAWD. 3 King Trap God Chronicles 2 King Unsigned Hype 2 Laniakea Sounds Ambiexperience LGND Media Skylines 3AiFF APPLE Mainroom Warehouse Emotional Deep House Martin Sampleware Deep Tech House. 1 milliGotes Trap Draco Kit Nice The Creative Group Banger Factory The Sequel Nice The Creative Group Banger Factory Nice The Creative Group Dr Sauce Nice The Creative Group Scary Tales Origin Sound Fundamental Future Trap Ni Producer Cinematic Series. 4 Viking Legends ACiD Producer Essential Progressive House ACiDREX Trance Euphoria High Octane Euphoric Trance Trance Euphoria Storm Force Trance 3000 Trance Euphoria Trance Rebellion SPiRE PRESETS Trap Veterans Gas And Molly FLP Triad Sounds Bass House Triad Sounds Future House Funk III Triad Sounds KASHMIR ETHNIC EDM Triad Sounds Sounds Of Hexagon True Cinematic Orchestral Pack 2 True Deep Electronica True Dirty Hip Hop Drums True EDM Trap True Epic Cinematic Orchestral Pack True Future Trap True Hip Hop Smokers True Killer Impacts And Risers True Raw Techno True Star Trap True Techno Poison True Trip To Ibiza Vybe Beatz Kit V5 Скачать Mega Pack #1 торрент (65 гб) Большой сэмпл пак #2 [59Gb] 2Deep Schizo Drummer 48Khz Raul Mezcolanza and Envel Sounds Cymatics Master Collection 2 Aubit Petit Guitars. 2 Aubitsound ODESSA Ultimate Soundset. 2 Aubitsound Petit Guitars Aubitsound Ultrallenium Drums and FX Bingoshakerz Compact Series Digital Synthe Bingoshakerz French and Disco House 4 Catalyst Classy Techno Catalyst Confessions House Catalyst Elements Groove Progressive by Slex Catalyst Fundamentals NuDeep and Melodic House Anthems Catalyst Groove Tech House Catalyst Guitar House Megapack Catalyst Ingredient House Sax 2 Catalyst Tech House Essentials 1 Class A Loft House Cr2 Records Dynamik Techno Diamond Loopz 808Loop Pack REX AiFF Ecliptiq Audio Psy Kick Pyro. 1 Engineering Electronic Rave. 2 Engineering Fancy French House. 1 Engineering Future Bass Rapture. 2 Engineering Ibiza Tech House. 1 Engineering Major Deep House Tools. 2 Engineering Major Deep House Tools. 3 Engineering Major Pop. 1 Engineering Major Pop. 2 Engineering Melodic Techno. 1 Engineering Modern Techno. 2 Engineering Obscure Techno. 1 Engineering Progressive Tech House. 1 Engineering Techno FX and Transitions. 1 Fat Sound Living Legends Fat Sound Records Fat Sound Vocal Fat Sound Records Sample Food. 1 Fat Sound Reution Audio Fat Sound This Is Hip Hop GHXST Kit. IV Drum Kit Gravitas Create Viper Hybrid Violin by Vitera Incognet Drums Edition Incognet Groove Percussion Incognet drum Groove House Julez Jadon Saucey Slices Vocal Chops Killer Tone FSTVL Groove House MSXII Sound Design Schlump Shots. 2 MSXII Sound from 1984 ume 2 Olli Pyjama Beats Production Master Urban Chill Puma Deep House Spire Regal Clear View 2 Regal Love Is A Trap RV Samplepacks Drum Movement Sample Tools by Cr2 Future House Elements Scorp Beatz Heaven Sample Pack Shroom Killer Breaks. 4 Smokey Cinematic Kits Soul Surplus Daydream Sample Pack Soundtrack Shadow Impact Industrial Scoring Tools Splice Sounds Medasin x Sakuraburst Overdose. 5 ST2 PHUTURE Studio Tronnic Modern Nu Disco Construction Kits The Drum Broker Crabtree Music Library. 1 (Compositions and Stems) W. A. Production What About G House Outbreak Supply Nick Mira Contra (Drum Kit) ZeroG Heavy Industry ZTEKNO RA TechnoAiFF AND KV331 SYNTHMASTER! llmind BLAP KIT ume 10 2DEEP Beastcoast 2DEEP North 2DEEP Ran Off On The Plugg Twice (Drum Kit) 2DEEP Smoke And Mirrors 3 2DEEP The Lost Crates 2DEEP XXX 4LX Drum Kit. 2 Aubit ODESSA 1 Black Octopus Sound Breathtaking Future Bass Drumkeyz BWB THE E KIT. 5 Foreign Teck x OZ StepBrothers Kit 1 Function Trap And Future Beats King Afro Vibes 4 King Savage Mode 1 Kryptic Back In Time 3 Kryptic Bustla 2 Kryptic Bustla 3 Kryptic Bustla Kryptic Drum Kit Old School Bundle Kryptic Future Ammo Drum Kit Kryptic Future Ammo Kryptic Future RnB And Pop Jumble Kryptic LoFi 1 Kryptic LoFi 2 Kryptic LoFi 3 Kryptic LoFi 4 Kryptic Makavelicious 1 Kryptic Piano Chops Tape Kryptic Savage Drum Kryptic Savage Gang Kryptic Summer e Kryptic Super Producer Defeating The Boss Kryptic Super Producer Escape From Zombiville Kryptic TIM ( Murda) Kryptic TIM 2 This Is Murda Kryptic TIM 3 This Is Murda Kryptic Trap Boot 1 Kryptic Trap Boot 2 Kryptic Trap Boot 3 Kryptic Trap Laws Kryptic Trapped Kitchen Kryptic Tropical Chops Kryptic Vinyl Therapy REASON REFiLL Kryptic Yellow Wobble NOXX End Origin Sound Nightfall Future Garage Origin Sound Reflection Organic Liquid DNB OZ Vice City Kit Polysonic Big Room Drops Polysonic Drop Stabs Polysonic Kicks And Snares Polysonic Pop Hits Production Master Bass Hysteria Production Master Newbreed Hardstyle Production Master Tribal Trap Production Master UK Hip Hop Grime And Trap Vocals Regal 808 Elite 2 Regal 808 Elite 3 Regal AMEN 808 3 Regal Calmind 2 Regal Clear View Regal Divinity Regal Lexicon Regal Love Is A Trap 2 Regal Modern Mumble Regal The World Is Mine 2 Regal The World Is Mine 3 Regal The World Is Mine Splice Sounds Fabian Mazur Vital Trap Splice Sounds StéLouse Sample Pack 3FXP Touch Afro Palpitations Touch Ambient Keys XLNTSOUND DUBSAUCE Dubstep Drum Sample Pack Plus Extras YnK Audio 21 Beast YnK Audio Uzi Gang Скачать Mega Pack #2 торрент (59 гб) Большой сэмпл пак #3 [51Gb] 2DEEP Gunz and Roses 2DEEP Super Pump 48Khz Raw Techno 2 Aubit Petit Vocal Chops. 1 Audioteknik Alex Ground 6AM House Bingoshakerz TechFunk House by Earth N Days Boom Library Transportation Catalyst Ingredient House Brass Catalyst Ingredient Huge EDM Vocal Chops Catalyst Mainstage Dubstep Catalyst Spooky House Chop Shop Tech Underground 2 Cr2 Records 100 Mainroom House and EDM Deep Data Soulful Grooves Diginoiz RnB Love Songs 4 Digital Felicity EUPHORiA Neotrance DopeBoyzMuzic Textures Engineering Modern Techno. 3 Eution of Sound Confessions ReutionFXP FLP ALP Freaky Trap Drums Gravitas Create FREEFALL Sample Pack by Au5 Infinite Audio Charged Up JKits Kevin Ross Vocals LBandyMusic Nigeria Afrobeat AiFF Sylenth1 FLP Loopmasters Synth Explorer CR78 MSXII Sound Circa 1996RnB Vibes Edition 1 Nava Sounds Persian Orchestra Nava Sounds Taar Ethnic Songs Origin Sound Anubis Tales Of Eastern Trap Prismo No Limits Riemann Kollektion Best of Riemann 2017 Techno Riemann Techno Kickdrums 4 Roundel Sounds Vocal Smash 1 Spire KONTAKT Samplesound Artist Series Chris Main AiFF Samplestar The Essential Collection 2018 SoundByOllie The Pewter Pack. 1 SoundFreqs Dark Soundtrack Chillout MelodiesAiFF Ableton Project Soundtrack Future LoungeAbleton LIVE Template Maschine Template Soundtrack Liquid DubAbleton Project Maschine Template Spirit Beats Christmas Nightmare FLP Splice Sounds Virtual Riot Heavy Bass Design ST2 JACK Surge Sounds Porter llenium Tellingbeatzz The Black Kit. 1 Toolroom Academy Tribal Tech House Triple SixHybrid Trap FXP DECiBEL XXL Audio Abstrakt TrapALP MXGRP XXL Audio Something Comfortable Yitaku and Jameson Hodge Robotic Ambient IDM ZeroG Space Disco! llmind Blap Kits Special Limited Edition Phantasy 2DEEP The Future Abstract Dissolved Breaks AngelicVibes Blxck Nxise Audentity Records Dark Techno 3 Audentity Records Deep Tech House Audentity Records FSTVL EDM Bounce Audentity Records Future Bounce Super Pack 2 Audentity Records Future Bounce Super PackiMAGE LiNE HARMOR Audentity Records Future House Music 2 Audentity Records Future Pop Music Audentity Records Future Tropical House Audentity Records Jack Ultimate 2KV331 AUDiO SYNTHMASTER Audentity Records MEGA TRAP Audentity Records Melodic Future Bass Audentity Records Tech House Music Audentity Records Tech House Super Pack Audentity Records TOM And JAME Sample Pack Audentity Records Trap Tools Audentity Records Ultra EDM 2018 Audentity Records Vocal Megapack 3 Audentity Records Wasback Sample Pack Audentity Unlimited Techno And Tech House Big Citi Guitar Trap Rock Bingoshakerz Variavision Classic Nu House Catalyst Elements Drum N Bass Cinetools Label Sampler Cymatics Organics Wood Epic Stock Media BRAAAM Strike Epic Stock Media Epic Cinematic Trailer Epic Stock Media Puzzle Game Exotic Refreshment Deep Melodic Techno ume 1 Exotic Refreshment Mass Digital Deep Dark Melodic Kits Function Booming Future Hyper Berghain TechnoAiFF Hyper Deep Techno DrumsAiFF Hyper Modular HouseAiFF Hyper Romanian DrumsAiFF Jungle Butterfly Effect Jungle Uzi Tape Killer Tone EDM Revealed King Trapic ume 1 Kryptic Metro Pass Laniakea Sounds Future Bass Experience Laniakea Sounds Retroe Lite Music Production Sunlight SPiRE Origin Sound Organics Ambient Drums And Foley Output London Street Sounds Regal Excellence 3 Regal Lexicon 2 Shocke Pro Series EDMume 1 Shroom Killer Breaks 5 Soul Surplus Swoope Sample Pack. 1 The Drum Broker Crabtree Music Library. 1 (Compositions) Touch Ambient Japan Touch Beat Maker Sessions Touch Twisted Melodics Trap Veterans Vocal Sauce Trap Veterans Weapons Toolbox Drum Kit Triple Spiral Audio MountainsSoundset [Synth Presets, ] Скачать Mega Pack #3 торрент (51 гб) Большой сэмпл пак #4 [64Gb] 2DEEP Zombies AudeoBox Kaleidoscope Future Bass 2 AudeoBox Swamped Big EDM G-HOUSE Samplepack Catalyst Autumn Deep House Cinetools Maximus Cinetools Otherworld Class A Unrealized Digital Deep Color Source Playful EDM Cr2 Records 100 Underground Techno and Tech House Deep Data Blazin Disco Grooves Deep Data Dark Space Engineering FX and Atmospheres. 2 Eution Of Sound Bounce Reution [,, DAW Templates, Synth Presets, TUTORiAL] F9 Audio F9 Drumtrax iV 21st Century House [, DAW Templates] GHST PRJKT SOLAR Gold Class Audio Old School Gregor Quendel Designed Fire Hyper Optical TechnoAiFF IQ Diplomatic House Loopmasters Psytrance Intelligence. 2 Moneymvkvz SWAG PACKKONTAKT Noiiz Drums That Go Boom! Noiiz Things That Go Crunch Noiiz Things That Go Pop! Phizicist Granular Concepts Production Master Afterhours Tech House Red Sounds Chainflume Samples From Mars 505 Modded From Mars Samples From Mars 626 From Mars Samplestar Neo Future Pop 2018 Sonic Academy Ultimate Drums 2 Progressive House Pack Sonic Academy Ultimate FX 2 Stargazer Dirty Flute Studio Tronnic Rivas Artists Inspiration The Drum Broker CAMEone Music Library. 1 (Compositions) TMSV Vintage Bass Music Tunecraft Sounds Future Pop Hits [, ] Ueberschall Score FX Weismann 808 Drum Hits Weismann Space Textures 99 Patches Orchestral Super Pack 2 [, ] Al AMin Victory Memories Big Citi Savage Beast [, ] Big EDM Bass House Nation Big EDM Brazilian Bass Big EDM Broken Trap Big EDM Chain And Smoke Future Bass Big EDM Chillstep Sounds Big EDM Dubstep Sounds Big EDM EDM Halloween Festival Big EDM Ethnic EDM Big EDM Funky House Big EDM Future Bass And Chill Big EDM Future Bounce Sounds 3 Big EDM Future House Elements Big EDM Groove House Essentials Big EDM Hexa Future Sounds Big EDM Ibiza Anthems Big EDM Jungle Terror Tools Big EDM Melbourne Bounce Tools Big EDM Power House Big EDM Progressive House Tools Big EDM Snakes And Lazers Big EDM Sounds Of Deep House Big EDM Sounds Of EDM Big EDM Sounds Of Future Bass Big EDM Tech House 2017 Big EDM Tech Mega Pack Big EDM Ultimate Tech House Bingoshakerz Back 2 Tech House [, ] Bingoshakerz Compact Series Key Labeled Kicks Bingoshakerz Compact Series Layered Deep Tech Claps And Snares Catalyst Groove Vocals Catalyst Latin Pop Catalyst Major Tech House D-Fused Sounds Heavy Techno Bass D-Fused Sounds Raw Tech D-Fused Sounds Smart Tech Pack D-Fused Sounds Sound of Techno Diamond Loopz Goons On Deck AiFF Diginoiz Afro Pop And Reggaeton [,, Synth Presets] Diginoiz Producers Diary 2 Divine Sounds Function Future Pop 2018 [,, Synth Presets] Function Retro Ride [,, Synth Presets] GHST PRJKT O. D. Z. A GHST PRJKT ODZA 2 KBeaZy Pacific Drum Kit King Quanch [, ] Kryptic Metro Pass 2 Kryptic Metro Pass 3 Laniakea Sounds Tropicality ume 2 Maverick Ultra Pop Elements. 1 [,, AiFF] ModeAudio Surveillance Cinematic Dance Mr Bill Folley Collection. 2 Liquids Mr Bill Folley Collection. 3 Metals Mr Bill Folley Collection. 4 OUTDOORS Mr Bill Folley Collection. 5 Machinery Mr Bill Folley Collection. 6 Domestics Mr Bill Folley Collection. 7 Sports And Music Mr Bills Tunes Ambiences Mr Bills Tunes Glitches and Grains Mr Bills Tunes Neuro Basses Mr Bills Tunes Organic Drums Mr Bills Tunes The Foley Collection. 1 Breaking Things Mr. Bills Tunes Digital Drums Noiiz Things That Go Click Origin Sound Crate Digging Vintage Hip Hop Soul [, ] Origin Sound Finesse Instrumental Hip Hop [, ] Premier Sound Bank Premier DnB PUMA Moombahton 2 Riemann Kollektion Riemann Detroit Tech-House 1 Riemann Kollektion Riemann Industrial Techno 1 Splice Fabian Mazur Chill Vibes Splice Henry Fong Sample Pack Splice MdL x Mantra Splice Rage Logic Sample Pack Drum Kit Splice Sounds Louis Futon’s Pretty Cool Sounds Surge Sounds Retroe [,, Synth Presets] Touch Emotive Electronica True Harlem Trap Unmute Awake [,, Synth Presets] Supply Nick Mira Haywire Drum Kit Скачать Mega Pack #4 торрент (64 гб) Большой сэмпл пак #5 [61Gb] Boom Bap Labs Fist Of The Invincible Mantis. 1 Boom Bap Labs Fist Of The Invincible Mantis. 2 BT The Granular Collection In The Key Of B BT The Granular Collection In The Key Of G Cr2 Records Deep Tech Tronica F9 Audio F9 iFunk Nu Disco Guitars Ft Robin Boult Just Hear Audio Deep Tech and Melodic Sounds Kryptic Gucci Gucci [, ] Lens Distortions Anticipation SFX MP3 Lens Distortions Archetype SFX MP3 MightyDeals App FX Sound Effects Library with 4. 000 Effects [MP3] Perfectkits proudly presents Perfect Cuts Pro Sample Packs Clever Tech House Pro Sample Packs Liquid House Pro Sample Packs Serious Tech Pro Sample Packs Techno Factory Pro Sample Packs Yakuza Techno Producer Vocal House Anthems. 2 AiFF Riemann Dungeon Techno 1 Sample Tools by Cr2 Festival Trap [, ] Sample Tools by Cr2 Tech and G-House 2 Surge Sound Odeza For[,, Synth Presets] That Sound Darren King That Sound Hangar That Sound Neon That Sound ORGANIC PERCUSSION That Sound TROPICOOL Triune Store Hollywood Guns SFX Triune Store Triune Sound Fighting SFX ZTEKNO Techno Storm ZTEKNO Tesla TECHNO KV331 SYNTHMASTER AVENGER BCee Spearhead Sounds Sample Pack Bullyfinger Fish Head Trap Snares Crude Sounds Arcane Crude Sounds Arion Crude Sounds DOG Crude Sounds Pump Code Crude Sounds Slaughter Datacode FOCUS Techno Percussion Diginoiz Magic 80s 3 DrumKitsupply 4-44 Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Blacc Hollywood Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Cartel Drums and Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Chop 64 Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Cold Hearts Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Combat Shotgun Drum Kit DrumKitsupply Death Proof Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Deathstroke Drum Kit DrumKitsupply Dope 3 Drum Kit and Sample Pack DrumKitsupply DOPE AF Sample Pack. 1 DrumKitsupply DOPE AF Sample Pack. 2 DrumKitsupply DOPE AF Sample Pack. 3 DrumKitsupply DOPE AF Sample Pack. 4 DrumKitsupply DOPE AF Sample Pack. 5 DrumKitsupply Dope Drum Kit. 2 DrumKitsupply Drum Tyson. 1 DrumKitsupply Extra Gold Drum Kit DrumKitsupply Goodfellas Sample Pack. 1 DrumKitsupply Goodfellas Sample Pack. 3 DrumKitsupply Heavy Artillery Drum Kit DrumKitsupply High Dose 2 Sample Pack DrumKitsupply High Dose 3 Sample Pack DrumKitsupply High Dose Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Illtendo 3 Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Juggernog Drum Kit and DrumKitsupply Morpheus Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Neo Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Nightmare Before Xmas 3 Drum Kit DrumKitsupply Nightmares and WinterShootouts Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Nioh Drum Kit and Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Silent Evil Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Suicide Squad Drum Kit. 2 DrumKitsupply Sunroof Shootouts Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Super Sample Bros Sample Pack DrumKitsupply The Purge Sample Pack DrumKitsupply Time To 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Hibs V Celtic 180905 Audio only. T.N.T. – Manifiesto Guernika (1983. Last post: 03/02/2020 23:54.



Complete 34 Vengeance Sample Pack
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Complete 34 Vengeance Sample Pack


Mainroom Warehouse è orgogliosa di pubblicare "I migliori suoni dell'artista per vendetta" con 128 preset di alta qualità per il tuo synth. Questa banca di suoni offre suoni ispirati a quelli utilizzati dai migliori artisti come Tiesto & KSHMR, Alan Walker, ZHU, Martin Garrix & Sadko, Deadmau5 Ft Chris James, Jay Hardway, The Chainsmokers Ft Rozes, Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Vs Ummet Ozcan e Kygo Ft Conrad Sewell. Cosa c'è in The Avenger Sound Bank? 128 preselezioni vendicatore vendetta. Traccia l'elenco dei preset utilizzati nella demo. Patch suddivise: 35 x bassi | 35 x cavi | 32 x Pluck | 11 x Synth | 10 x pastiglie | 5 x Seq. Si prega di utilizzare Vengeance Sound Avenger versione 1. 0. 34 o successiva. Mantieni il tuo software legale e aggiornato per evitare problemi durante il caricamento dei nuovi preset Avenger. Royalty-Free: tutto il contenuto di questo download è al 100% royalty-free. Una volta acquistati, puoi utilizzare questi suoni VPS Avenger nelle tue pubblicazioni musicali commerciali senza restrizioni.

Youtube. Pubblicato: 2020-03-16T13: 05: 33.1582195 + 09: 00. Wow_settings VPS Avenger Synthwave II Gli anni '80 sono tornati! E suonano più gloriosi che mai. Synthwave II è qui! Se il passato e il futuro avessero un figlio, sarebbe questo pacchetto di espansione. Manuel Schleis ha tirato fuori tutti gli arresti e ha progettato 132 preset pieni di design audio analogico anni '80, come grossi drumkk gated e linee di basso cyberpunk approssimativamente distorte. Sono inclusi anche 139 wavetable digitali di prima classe dell'era DX che ti consentono di creare le migliori campane dal suono, sweep FM, linee di basso crescente, pizzichi digitali e persino vocoder vocali. Metti a strati molte di queste meravigliose wavetable e otterrai le campane più grasse, ampi pad ariosi e lead digitali fantastici che non hai mai sentito prima! E, naturalmente, utilizziamo la più recente tecnologia Avenger: anche i kit di chitarre multiloop (distorsione di potenza anni 80 e riff di chitarra improvvisati) fanno parte di questa gigantesca espansione. Abbiamo già citato i 91 nuovi schemi arp? Pause acide Tempo per l'acido! Goditi questo classico capolavoro di 03 linee di basso, giungla e grandi pause, loop e sintetizzatori urlanti! Nella migliore tradizione di attori come Prodigy, Chemical Brothers e l'intera scena "Acid House" degli anni '90 fino ad oggi, Stefan Endemann ha creato un'espansione davvero unica e senza tempo. Ma ora: portiamo un po 'di ACID nel mondo moderno! Felice Hardcore Happy Hardcore è qui! Evoluto da HandsUp e Hardcore, questo genere è solo divertente, BPM elevato e ancora più divertente! Il sound designer Stefan Endemann lo ha inchiodato con bellissime campane, arpe, cavi grassi, linee di basso inverse, battiti e pause veloci e ami vocali completi (anche asiatici) usando la nuova funzione Multiloop di Avenger 1. 5. All Trance, HandsUp, EDM e Hardcore i produttori adoreranno questo nuovo pacchetto di espansione! Cinematic 3 Il cerchio finisce: Manuel Schleis e Kevin Schröder si sono entrambi uniti per Cinematic 3 per offrirti il ​​meglio dei due mondi: 135 veri e propri capolavori di sound design cinematografico! Oltre a ricevere 20 nuovi drumkit cinematografici, 51 fantastici campioni granulari, nuove forme OSC, Wavetable e multisample, inclusi anche molti strumenti reali registrati. Esplorando questa espansione non avrai dubbi che Avenger è il re delle modulazioni. Qualsiasi produttore cinematografico, Trance, Chillout o Trailer / Media adorerà questo! Hip Hop 2 Di nuovo nel cofano: è arrivato Hip Hop 2! E amico, questo è un pacchetto enorme: esplora 143 nuovi preset con le linee di basso più basse, profondi 808 boom, arpe malinconiche, pianoforti, flauti, campane e pad e synthline meravigliosi. Oltre ai numerosi nuovi preset, ottieni 30 nuovi drumkit eccezionali, 3 nuovi multiloop per sassofono, fantastici oggetti granulari e tonnellate di nuovi multisample. Non perdere questa incredibile macchina per costruire beat! Chitarre XP1 (distorte ed elettriche) Eccoci: il primo volume dei nuovi pacchetti di espansione per chitarra ti fornirà 50 diversi kit di distorsione e chitarra elettrica. Usali nel nuovo modulo "Multiloop" di Avengers e suona qualsiasi tasto, qualsiasi bpm e qualsiasi accordo che ti piace (minore, maggiore o quinto), la chitarra seguirà il tuo input senza soluzione di continuità. Tutti i kit di loop per chitarra sono stati registrati dal vivo da un chitarrista professionista e utilizzando le migliori chitarre, effetti e apparecchiature di registrazione che puoi ottenere. Sono perfetti per essere utilizzati come sfondo ritmico o elementi principali nella tua traccia per quasi tutti i generi che puoi immaginare. Questo aggiunge così tante nuove possibilità e valore al tuo VPS Avenger: lo adorerai! Chitarre XP2 (Nylon, Silenziato e Acciaio) Espandi il tuo nuovo universo di chitarre con altri 50 nuovi kit: il volume 2 è dedicato alle chitarre silenziate, in nylon e acciaio! Usali nel nuovo modulo "Multiloop" di Avengers e suona qualsiasi tasto, qualsiasi bpm e qualsiasi accordo che ti piace (minore, maggiore o quinto), la chitarra seguirà il tuo input senza soluzione di continuità. Questo aggiunge così tante nuove possibilità e valore al tuo VPS Avenger: lo adorerai! Chitarre XP3 (basso acustico ed elettrico) Le chitarre continuano ad arrivare: è tempo di BASS! Il volume 3 aggiungerà i kit per basso elettrico ed acustico più grassi! Usali nel nuovo modulo "Multiloop" di Avengers e suona qualsiasi tasto, qualsiasi bpm e qualsiasi accordo che ti piace (minore, maggiore o quinto) che il basso seguirà senza interruzioni. Tutti i kit di loop per basso elettrico sono stati registrati dal vivo da un chitarrista professionista e utilizzando i migliori strumenti, effetti e apparecchiature di registrazione che puoi ottenere. Sono perfetti per essere usati come linee di basso principali o elementi di sfondo nella tua traccia per quasi tutti i generi che puoi immaginare. Questo aggiunge così tante nuove possibilità e valore al tuo VPS Avenger: lo adorerai! Techno 1 Facciamo sul serio: Techno 1 è qui ed è particolarmente una cosa: Dark. Così tanti produttori di Techno, Tech House, Minimal hanno aspettato questo e ora è qui. Manuel Schleis e Andy Hinz si sono uniti per questo grande, offrendo la maggior varietà possibile. I soli 40 (!) Nuovi drumkit giustificherebbero questo XP, sono così ben strutturati, complessi e perfettamente miscelati, da costituire la spina dorsale di tutte le tue produzioni. Ma ovviamente adorerai anche i 128 preset di Avenger - che offrono così tante linee di basso stimolanti, sequenze f # * complete, pad, pizzichi, lead e FX per gli anni a venire! EDM III Sta arrivando!!! L'EDMIII è qui ed è pronto per essere distrutto: Andy Hinz fa di tutto per creare il vero banger! Preparati per la pista da ballo che distrugge i bassi, meravigliose arpioni coronate, cavi ultra-ampi, calci follemente profondi, riempimenti e riser, pad e sequenze. Questo XP offre 132 preset e tanto materiale aggiuntivo, come 34 drumkit realizzati con EDM perfetti, 160 multisample (!), Wavetable e forme OSC - questo pacchetto è gigantesco in termini di dimensioni e suono. Se ti piace qualcosa di elettronico e commerciale, questo è un must comprare! esplorare il prossimo livello di sintesi INFINE! "Vengeance Producer Suite - Avenger" è stato rilasciato. VPS è il tuo nuovo cavallo di battaglia in studio. Può fare qualsiasi cosa, suonare come tutto, e la cosa migliore è: è facile da capire e comodo da usare. Insieme alla sua enorme libreria e tonnellate di nuove e uniche funzionalità eccezionali, Avenger è un vero punto di svolta. Non sei ancora convinto? Guarda il video del nostro prodotto o dai un'occhiata alla nostra versione dimostrativa! Vengeance EDM Essentials Volume 2 Preparati a distruggere i grafici con questo nuovo pacchetto campione. La serie Vengeance EDM Essential offre 2, 800 file completamente nuovi e di alta qualità per dare al tuo prossimo brano un serio testosterone. Con un'enorme collezione di trappole e tonnellate di calci in forte espansione - tra cui 30 nuovi kit multi-campionati tonali - nonché battiti freddi che vanno dagli scatti manuali ai giganteschi battiti 4x4, sarai pronto per il combattimento musicale. Questa serie offre anche loop complessi che vanno da grandi loop percussivi, loop melodici, accordi, bassi e cadute drammatiche fino a riempimenti e persino interruzioni complete a 16 bar. Ma c'è di più! Un'enorme varietà di effetti come riser, impatti, one-shot percussivi, colpi di piatti ad alta risoluzione, grida e libbre pubblicitarie ti garantiranno sempre il suono perfetto da mixare perfettamente nel tuo prossimo capolavoro. Allora, cosa stai aspettando? Prendi questo oggi e ottieni alcuni denti EDM che divoreranno le piste da ballo di tutto il mondo! Vengeance World Beats Vol. 1 Fallo scuotere come fa caldo con questo nuovo pacchetto campione! Vengeance World Beats offre un'enorme libreria di oltre 2, 400 campioni di EDM del mondo che sono perfetti per aromatizzare qualsiasi traccia Trap, Moombahton, HipHop, Oriental Dance o Latin House. I loop sono tutti disponibili nelle versioni 95, 110 e 125 bpm, quindi si adattano a qualsiasi sottogenere. Una vasta selezione di colpi singoli ti aiuterà a dare un pugno a qualsiasi traccia. Oltre a bassissimi calci, scatti, applausi, lacci forti, FX, riser e piatti raffinati, ci sono diversi strumenti registrati dal vivo tra cui percussioni acustiche, sassofoni e chitarre. Con questa raccolta di suoni dance di tutto il mondo, sarai pronto per creare il prossimo topper grafico che dominerà le piste da ballo! Falange VPS incontra il nostro campionatore di batteria e synth di punta La tua ricerca di un potente strumento di campionamento è appena finita qui: Phalanx è il nuovo campionatore che sarà il cuore e il centro della tua produzione musicale. Phalanx ha a cuore le nuove funzionalità a bordo e si concentra principalmente su un flusso di lavoro rapido, comodo e facile, che ti inviterà a provare nuovi modi e cose folli. Meglio guardare ora i nostri video dettagliati sui prodotti, ci sono troppe funzioni all'interno di questo mostro per adattarsi a questo testo! Pacchetto VPS EFX 2 lo volevi, lo ottieni: 15 effetti unici! Il pacchetto EFX è tornato con il volume 2! 15 specialisti inediti per ogni compito di effetto che puoi immaginare. Questi potenti processori di effetti diventeranno indispensabili nelle situazioni di produzione quotidiane. Il prezzo imbattibile rende questo affare un gioco da ragazzi (6. 60 € / plugin) Per i proprietari di vol. EFX Bundle 1 & 2, ci sono 2 plugin bonus, per un totale di 17 plugin in questo incredibile pacchetto di effetti! testimonianze casuali: Jeffrey X. Sutorius Dash Berlin Informazioni su reFX Nexus² "Ho seguito il lavoro del sound designer Manuel Schleis da un po 'di tempo. Ho usato molti dei suoi suoni come un eccellente punto di partenza per creare suoni sui miei sintetizzatori JP 8000 e Virus. La grande novità è, con Nexus2 Ora ho tutte queste enormi patch direttamente disponibili in un unico plug-in che posso salvare e richiamare direttamente con il mio progetto DAW. L'interfaccia è semplice e veloce da usare e la qualità del suono incontaminata equivale a ... Video In primo piano:.